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I was born in this charming town and I love it! This blog celebrates the beauties of nature, the history and the culture of a fantastic spot in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea: Alghero. If you love it like me, be part of this blog .... if you don't it's just because YOU NEVER CAME TO VISIT YET !! Don't waste any more time, pack your bags and grab your camera!!

Monday, January 17, 2011


what a wonderful Sunday!
woke up in the morning, left early to go around to take some pictures!
....and I thought.... "today is January 16.. what a fantastic day!"

I took some beautiful pictures around Capo Caccia and Porto Conte and when I reach back home, lunch time, I found the best surprise: friends came over with freshly caught "ricci" (sea urchins)!
WOW ! Linguine with ricci (from Alghero)are the dream of anyone who loves seafood and shellfish in general!
What a day!!