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Thursday, March 17, 2011

the light of Springtime ....

yes! ... finally the first real sign of Springtime coming!
these last two days in Alghero was the official welcoming of the spring and the beginning of "WINTER CIAO CIAO" !!!
Even though winter here is not an unbearable season, being always milder compared to the rigid Northern Europe winter, we were starting to be fed up by coats and scarves... they are NOT what we like to wear around here!
So, finally ... everybody out of the house, coats in the cupboards; children running on the sand makes you happy ... in Alghero while you walk around the port side, you can reach in a minute the beautiful white sand beach of San Giovanni and watch how people around here enjoy the first days out after winter season.
Algae is everywhere on the sand... and some might say " oh .. the beach is not clean.." ... actually THAT is the real sign that the beach but specially the water are perfectly clean...
We are preparing for the season.... we are starting to feel that we will start
early this time.... maybe because is going to be a late Easter this year...
24th of April...this is when we start to expect the first tourist presence... (even if tourists enjoy Alghero also in winter time).
so, yes.... I saw the light of Springtime!...It is a very different light in the sky... spring sounds, spring smells, spring light....
I love it!
PS: ... and I will start to post for you more and more photos I make around so you can feel, my friends, what is this "light" I am talking about.... you will love it too!
ciao V.

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