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I was born in this charming town and I love it! This blog celebrates the beauties of nature, the history and the culture of a fantastic spot in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea: Alghero. If you love it like me, be part of this blog .... if you don't it's just because YOU NEVER CAME TO VISIT YET !! Don't waste any more time, pack your bags and grab your camera!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

-Alghero Concierge- Holiday consultant & Tourist Services

Introducing -Alghero Concierge- ...
Our heart and passion for Alghero made us study and research for a new project that can help the visitors of Alghero to better enjoy their stay here.
This is why we have decided to open ALGHERO CONCIERGE...
It is a free tourist assistance office, information point for all services and activities that Alghero offers, being able to give suggestions and advices on how to spend the time while holidaying in Alghero.

The office is situated in one of the main cobbledstone streets of the Old Town, where is the biggest passage of people especially in the evenings... so we can give a friendly hand to those who do not speak the language and want to discover all beauties of the area.

We also offer daily excursions by car, by bus, by boat, activities information, events and we propose all the amazing choice of Alghero restaurants.

We take care of our guests even since before arriving with suggestions on the accommodation choice, booking of all services or advice on itineraries in Sardinia; we provide upon request airport pick-up, welcome and assistance to the accommodation with a short orientation tour to better understand the area and personal concierge services.

Alghero is a fantastic holiday site, with amazing white sand beaches, gorgeous waters and nice weather.... not to be missed!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

This is how Alghero looks like now!! As promised I made my tour around to enjoy the beauty of Springtime here. It makes me feel happy and lucky to live in a place like this. Flowers are blooming everywhere and the power of the sun gives brightness to colors everywhere.
I love that!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

ah... mimosas !!!

The mimosas ... what a magic flower! Its yellow light is already transforming the views... Today I went for a drive through one of the most beautiful roads outside Alghero: the road to Capo Caccia and Porto Conte.
During March the green sides of the road (all acacia and mimosa trees) start to color themselves with these amazingly bright yellow grapes. All along the road it is just like you are passing through a wedding arch of spring! I can smell its scent even from inside the car....
Wonderful feeling.... and I will drive by times and times again, during all April too and sometimes May, to fill up my eyes.
... 1 more week and I will send photo of the road fully blossomed!
happy spring!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

the light of Springtime ....

yes! ... finally the first real sign of Springtime coming!
these last two days in Alghero was the official welcoming of the spring and the beginning of "WINTER CIAO CIAO" !!!
Even though winter here is not an unbearable season, being always milder compared to the rigid Northern Europe winter, we were starting to be fed up by coats and scarves... they are NOT what we like to wear around here!
So, finally ... everybody out of the house, coats in the cupboards; children running on the sand makes you happy ... in Alghero while you walk around the port side, you can reach in a minute the beautiful white sand beach of San Giovanni and watch how people around here enjoy the first days out after winter season.
Algae is everywhere on the sand... and some might say " oh .. the beach is not clean.." ... actually THAT is the real sign that the beach but specially the water are perfectly clean...
We are preparing for the season.... we are starting to feel that we will start
early this time.... maybe because is going to be a late Easter this year...
24th of April...this is when we start to expect the first tourist presence... (even if tourists enjoy Alghero also in winter time).
so, yes.... I saw the light of Springtime!...It is a very different light in the sky... spring sounds, spring smells, spring light....
I love it!
PS: ... and I will start to post for you more and more photos I make around so you can feel, my friends, what is this "light" I am talking about.... you will love it too!
ciao V.

Monday, January 17, 2011


what a wonderful Sunday!
woke up in the morning, left early to go around to take some pictures!
....and I thought.... "today is January 16.. what a fantastic day!"

I took some beautiful pictures around Capo Caccia and Porto Conte and when I reach back home, lunch time, I found the best surprise: friends came over with freshly caught "ricci" (sea urchins)!
WOW ! Linguine with ricci (from Alghero)are the dream of anyone who loves seafood and shellfish in general!
What a day!!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Welcome to Alghero

... when you think of a place to visit and you wish it to be charming, with breathtaking panoramas, close to amazing white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, with an interesting history and mixture of cultures, with loads of shops, lively streets, where to enjoy fantastic meals .... well ... Alghero is certainly what is in your mind.
Alghero and the North-West Coast of the sunny Island of Sardinia (Italy) it is one place no traveler should miss... and certainly worth a visit even during Spring and Fall, out of the Summer crowd and with weather conditions still very pleasant.
Alghero, certainly one of the most charming towns on the Mediterranean, is situated in the North-West Coast of Sardinia, also knows as Riviera del Corallo or Coral Rivera.
Founded by the Doria Family in the XI century, this little fishing village was turned into a fortress thanks to its strategic position in the Mediterranean Sea. After various conquests, the Catalans and the Aragonese took control of the city and the influence of these conquests is still present among the narrow cobblestone streets inside the charming old town.
All around it, the old walls and the seven defensive towers still stand tall, some even at the water's edge.
The Old Town is fully abuzz with people throughout the day and till late night as here you can find many shops, restaurants and bars.