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I was born in this charming town and I love it! This blog celebrates the beauties of nature, the history and the culture of a fantastic spot in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea: Alghero. If you love it like me, be part of this blog .... if you don't it's just because YOU NEVER CAME TO VISIT YET !! Don't waste any more time, pack your bags and grab your camera!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Welcome to Alghero

... when you think of a place to visit and you wish it to be charming, with breathtaking panoramas, close to amazing white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, with an interesting history and mixture of cultures, with loads of shops, lively streets, where to enjoy fantastic meals .... well ... Alghero is certainly what is in your mind.
Alghero and the North-West Coast of the sunny Island of Sardinia (Italy) it is one place no traveler should miss... and certainly worth a visit even during Spring and Fall, out of the Summer crowd and with weather conditions still very pleasant.
Alghero, certainly one of the most charming towns on the Mediterranean, is situated in the North-West Coast of Sardinia, also knows as Riviera del Corallo or Coral Rivera.
Founded by the Doria Family in the XI century, this little fishing village was turned into a fortress thanks to its strategic position in the Mediterranean Sea. After various conquests, the Catalans and the Aragonese took control of the city and the influence of these conquests is still present among the narrow cobblestone streets inside the charming old town.
All around it, the old walls and the seven defensive towers still stand tall, some even at the water's edge.
The Old Town is fully abuzz with people throughout the day and till late night as here you can find many shops, restaurants and bars.

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