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I was born in this charming town and I love it! This blog celebrates the beauties of nature, the history and the culture of a fantastic spot in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea: Alghero. If you love it like me, be part of this blog .... if you don't it's just because YOU NEVER CAME TO VISIT YET !! Don't waste any more time, pack your bags and grab your camera!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

-Alghero Concierge- Holiday consultant & Tourist Services

Introducing -Alghero Concierge- ...
Our heart and passion for Alghero made us study and research for a new project that can help the visitors of Alghero to better enjoy their stay here.
This is why we have decided to open ALGHERO CONCIERGE...
It is a free tourist assistance office, information point for all services and activities that Alghero offers, being able to give suggestions and advices on how to spend the time while holidaying in Alghero.

The office is situated in one of the main cobbledstone streets of the Old Town, where is the biggest passage of people especially in the evenings... so we can give a friendly hand to those who do not speak the language and want to discover all beauties of the area.

We also offer daily excursions by car, by bus, by boat, activities information, events and we propose all the amazing choice of Alghero restaurants.

We take care of our guests even since before arriving with suggestions on the accommodation choice, booking of all services or advice on itineraries in Sardinia; we provide upon request airport pick-up, welcome and assistance to the accommodation with a short orientation tour to better understand the area and personal concierge services.

Alghero is a fantastic holiday site, with amazing white sand beaches, gorgeous waters and nice weather.... not to be missed!


  1. Such beautiful place and city is a must for tourist destination.

    1. Thank you for your comment... yes Alghero is a wonderful wonderful place....

      looking forward to welcome you back....